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Nicholas Kaiser, manager of Amana Funds by Saturna Capital at his Bellingham Wa office.  Photo by John Keatley.

I photographed Nicholas Kaiser of Saturna Capital for SmartMoney and this is the picture that ran in the January issue.  It also happens to be my favorite picture from the shoot.  How often does that happen!?  Nick is the fund manager for Amana Funds (AMANX).   The management of Amana is based on Islamic principals which means no pork, no alcohol and no financials, eliminating companies like Costco due to sales of wine and beer.  While these principals are limiting, Nick has managed to bring in a five-year average annual return of 8.3%.  Not bad in this economy.

The assets of Amana are $920 million and the expenses are $132 per $10,000.  That’s insane!  How can I keep my expenses that low?  Seriously.  I’m asking…

Anyway.  No big story about the shoot, but I just really like this picture.

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Obviously the first step for you is to get $920 million in assets – after that your cost to earning ratio SHOULD be a lot easier to keep in line…

posted by Justin Van Leeuwen on 02.10.10 at 12:58 pm

Is it me or is there a parallel between the killer whales in the background and the overall shape of the subject (his arms and hands look like fins)? Even the reflection adds to the effect. It’s like he’s the third whale jumping out of the water!

Beautiful composition as always, there’s a very nice movement in the portrait.

posted by Patrick La Roque on 02.11.10 at 6:36 am

Very nice portrait and an interesting story. Would you mind talking me though what lighting setup you used on this one? Many Thanks sharing John.


posted by Steve on 02.11.10 at 8:50 am

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