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Workshop? – we REFUSE to call this just another boring workshop!

*UPDATE* The Un-Workshop is full. But don’t worry, there will be other opportunities. Just send an email to workshops@keatleyphoto.com to be the first to find out about the next one.

This epic weekend is a game changer, it’s designed around the idea that one weekend can change everything. John (and company) are known for breaking the rules, being innovative, and thinking outside of the box. This thinking, combined with immense industry, business, and equipment knowledge is what has skyrocketed his career. He’s here to share that, and this is not to be missed. Whether just starting out, or ready for a new chapter in your career, the Un-Workshop is an opportunity to delve in deep, and truly understand what it takes to become a successful commercial photographer and define your personal style in every aspect, nook, and cranny. Plus, we guarantee it will be an absolute blast with a bunch of great surprises, great food, and some awesome networking to boot. We’re breaking the mold, we’re having fun doing it, and we’re making sure this is what you’ve been dying to know ALL about. Bottom line, we’ve created the workshop that we would be excited to go to, a workshop done the Keatley way. It’s the Un-Workshop for a reason, come find out why.

Day 1

Saturday, February 2:  The first day is going to be all about business and creating a solid foundation, so come ready to rack John’s brain with all of your pressing questions. He’s been at this for over ten years, and has built something pretty great – he’s ready to pass that on. It’ll mostly cover Advertising, Editorial, and the Commercial side of things, the stuff he’s really good at. So if you’re looking to change paths, or just become even more of a rockstar at what you are already doing, don’t miss this. Some of the finer details will be about:

  • self producing
  • creating personal work
  • finding your style
  • creating a niche
  • building a strong brand
  • bidding
  • working with clients
  • collaboration
  • post production
  • leverage & strategy
  • marketing
  • what to charge

Day 2

Sunday, February 3:  The second day is all about shooting, lighting, and gear. John is known for his beautiful lighting, and ability to pull intriguing emotion and expression out of his subjects.  This will be equal parts instruction and hands on with advice and feedback from John.  We have Glazer’s on board to provide us with a boatload of lighting and gear to play around with including multiple shooting bays with various types of equipment for you to try with John by your side.  John will also be doing a live shoot with a fully built out set that you will have the chance interact with and get that hands on experience using. Not only will you come out of this with some really fantastic portfolios pieces, but also some advanced knowledge to do it all again on your own. Some of the more precise details of what this will entail are:

  • understanding lighting
  • studio lighting
  • production value
  • photographing people
  • anatomy of a portrait
  • working on set
  • selecting gear
  • taking charge
  • ideas to reality
  • working with a crew

Frequently Asked Questions // Show All

    • It looks like the Un-Workshop is full. What about the next one?

Don’t worry, there will be more opportunities. Send an email to workshops@keatleyphoto.com to be the first to find out about the next one.

    • What is the location of the workshop?

It will be at an awesome Seattle studio location. Once you sign up, and we get closer to the day-of, we will send you an email with location, directions, parking and transportation, and everything else you need to know.

    • Will I need to bring my own camera?

Ideally we would like you to have yours to maximize your learning experience, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry. We have Glazer’s on board for this and will have a wide range of cameras on hand for you to try, so don’t let that detail keep you from coming.

    • Do I need to pack a lunch?

Nope. Both days of the workshop will be catered, and when you sign up, you will have a chance to let us know about any allergies or diet restrictions. Be prepared to munch down a bunch of donuts and such for breakfast, brought to you by our good friends over at Top Pot. Lunch and snacks won’t disappoint either, and this being Seattle, coffee goes without saying. But feel free to bring something too if you so wish.

    • Can you accommodate me being a picky eater?

Sure, just let us know what’s up, and we will do our best to lookout for you.

    • Can I request a specific donut flavor for breakfast?

Lets leave this to the experts, they’ve done this once or twice, and I’m sure will have the bases covered.

    • What else should I bring?

It might be useful to bring a notepad or device to take notes, and come with prepared questions. For the technical gear day, you may want to bring various lenses or other camera specific equipment. Glazers will be providing a vast assortment of lighting equipment and cameras to test out, learn from, and experience. This day will also include a built-out set. Come prepared for each of the two days accordingly, it is better to bring more than less.

    • Where should I park?

We will put this in the email with location, directions, etc. Don’t worry, we will make sure you aren’t paying a meter all day.

    • How long should I expect to be there?

The workshop will be two full days. Expect to arrive in the morning and stay until the evening. Like being at work, only way better.

    • Will we be outside at all?

It is possible, but not likely. I mean, come on who are we kidding, it’s February in Seattle.

    • Can I bring a friend?

Sure, the more the merrier! But they still have to sign up like everyone else. Or, if you’d so wish, you can sign them up when you process your order.

    • Can I bring my kids?

Uh, no. Don’t get us wrong, we love kids, but not everyone is cool with PBJ hands on their camera gear, so probably best to leave them at home and concentrate on the day at hand.

    • How can I invite my friends?

You are on the workshop section of the website, so you can copy and paste away with the URL, that means email, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you so please. You can also checkout our Facebook page and brag to all of your friends about going.

    • Can I bring my dog?

Probably not the best idea. The studio likely won’t allow it inside, and we don’t want it outside in the cold February weather all day.

    • What if I need to cancel last minute or show up late?

If you need to come late, you need to come late. Just try not to be disruptive by making a grand entrance. Also, your loss because that means you’ve probably missed donuts. Canceling isn’t so great either because all sales are final.

    • Will I be able to use the pictures I take however I want?

Yep. They are all yours. We hope you get some great pieces out of this to use in your portfolio, and hopefully have you well on your way to booking awesome Advertising gigs.

    • I’ve been to some of your other workshops and lectures in the past, how will this be different?

This will be more in depth than past lectures, both in time allotment and subject matter. Most lectures have been a few hours long, and this will be two full days, separated out into subject matter.

    • What if I am a complete ameture, will I be in over my head?

Not at all. The workshop is designed for all levels of experience, some may be well seasoned in the business, others may be hobbyists, there is room for all levels, and everyone should walk away with a dynamic and solid understanding of the topics covered. Also, since most of it will be hands-on, there will be plenty of room for trial and error, and to learn by experience.

    • Will I be able to ask questions during the workshop?

Please, ask away! We hope that you arrive with burning questions, but this is also an interactive experience where you can freely discuss anything of value to you and fellow workshop goers. It is a collaborative business, and this will be a collaborative workshop. No stuffy lectures here, participation can only add value for everyone.

    • When will payment be collected?

Once you submit your application online to sign up, your payment will be processed through PayPal. All sales are final.

    • Do you give student discounts?

Sorry, no.

    • John, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream, but only if you held a gun to my head and made me pick one. Swiss Orange Chip from Husky Deli is also in heavy rotation.

    • Is that it? I still have questions.

No problem, shoot an email to workshops@keatleyphoto.com

Individual Instruction

John offers an intensive one-on-one day of instruction for individuals looking for a more tailored review of their business and current career trajectory. This is an opportunity for a ground-up consultation of your current business strategies, where together with John you can develop tools to grow your business, change paths, or just streamline and focus an already existing framework to become more efficient.

Regardless of your needs, whether technical lighting, marketing strategy, or an all inclusive overhaul, John will work with you before the day of instruction to devise a strong plan to match your needs and best utilize your time together. He has a strong business background with over 10 years of industry experience under his belt, which has culminated in his highly successful Advertising and Commercial photography business.

These individual instruction days usually run about 8 hours, and can either be at your office, or John’s studio. Your specific needs may require a combination of both if you choose to tackle both technical lighting and gear, with a more business oriented day. John can provide a wide range of lighting equipment and cameras to fulfill a more dynamic introduction and education on a range of gear and techniques. Send us an email for more information: workshops@keatleyphoto.com.

  • marketing
  • branding
  • working with a rep
  • building a portfolio
  • producing
  • showing work
  • creating a niche in the market
  • finding your style
  • editorial portraits
  • rate structure
  • production
  • tools of the trade
  • working on set
  • industry best practice
  • anatomy of a portrait
  • creative concepts
  • understanding lighting
  • technical lighting equipment
  • post-production
  • studio lighting
  • making selects
  • mixing light
  • bidding
  • executing a vision